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In 2020, we invested in brand new state of the art dry cleaning and wet cleaning machines.  These high tech machines are Eco-Friendly, conserve water, and are energy efficient.  We are 100% PERC Free and vested in the future of garment care and our environment. Our entire dry cleaning process is designed to be gentler on fabrics to extends the life of your garments while maintaining their vibrant colors and shapes.  With our advanced cleaning equipment, environmentally responsible cleaning solutions and broad knowledge, we are truly your one stop garment experts.

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Wet Cleaning

Today’s fabrics are more complex with blended materials and rich colors. Our state of the art wet cleaning equipment, which is extremely sensitive to moisture, precisely controls the amount of humidity in order to maximize cleaning without harming the fabric. No shrinking, stretching or fading and fabrics love it. They look great and feel even better. Wet cleaning is considered the most Eco-Friendly cleaning process and can even be used on wool, silk and cashmere fabrics. Moreover, wet cleaning has been praised for its fantastic ability to oust the most tenacious stains and odors.

For those who may be sensitive to standard cleaning products, wet cleaning is a perfect alternative to dry cleaning. Wet cleaning can be a safe and chemical free way to clean dry clean only clothes.

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We are proud to offer our customers a variety of services such as Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Laundry, Perfect Shirts, Wedding Gowns, Formal Wear, Households, Leather Care, Full Service Alterations and Free Pick Up & Delivery.  With On-Site cleaning, we offer same day specials Monday – Saturday, “In by 10, out by 3″. Please visit Our Services for a complete breakdown of services we offer our valued customers.

2019 "Best Cleaners" Award

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