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Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is an art that we are passionate about. As a 3rd generation owner/operator, some say dry cleaning is in our blood. At Wayzata Pennhurst Dry Cleaners, we inspect every garment to determine the appropriate care prior to pre-spotting or cleaning. This ensures your clothes are cared for per the manufacture guidelines. The inspection process also helps us identify any potential stains. When located, our professional technicians (with decades of experience) will address the concerned area prior to dry cleaning. For tough stains we utilize a variety of techniques that have been passed down from each generation. If necessary, we may utilize more than one style of cleaning or more than one dry cleaning cycle at no extra charge to you. 

Once cleaned, your dry cleaning is pressed with over 30 years of experience. We are confident in saying that we have the best and most experienced technicians in the metro. Creases are pressed with precision and hand finished. Buttons and seams are checked by the technician before one last inspection prior to “bagging and racking”. This process then triggers an optional text or email letting you know your garments are ready for pickup. As our customer, you can take confidence in knowing your garments are ready to impress when you are ready to wear them!

Providing Options

Wet Cleaning

Today’s fabrics are more complex with blended “stretch” materials and rich colors. Our wet cleaning process uses state of art equipment, which is extremely sensitive to moisture, to precisely controls the amount of humidity in order to maximize cleaning without harming the fabric. No shrinking, stretching or fading and fabrics love it. The end result is your garments will look great and feel even better.

Wet cleaning is considered the most Eco-Friendly cleaning process and can even be used on wool, silk and cashmere fabrics. Moreover, wet cleaning has been praised for its fantastic ability to oust the most tenacious stains and odors. For those who may be sensitive to standard cleaning products, wet cleaning is a perfect alternative to dry cleaning or even laundry. Wet cleaning can be a safe and chemical free way to clean your dry clean only clothes.

Our Equipment

Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning

In 2020, we invested in brand new state-of-art dry cleaning and wet cleaning machines.  These high tech machines are eco-friendly and only utilize the highest quality of cleaning products. We are 100% PERC Free and vested in the future of garment care and our environment. The entire dry cleaning and wet cleaning process is designed to remove stains/odors while preserving the fabrics and extending the life of your garments; without adding toxins to your clothes or the environment.

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