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Award Winning Services

Wayzata Pennhurst Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Garment Experts is on a mission to provide the most premium and reliable dry cleaning and laundry service for families, busy professionals and students in the metropolitan area. Our award winning facility is specifically designed and staffed for total garment care. From premium eco-friendly pre spotters and detergents to state-of-art equipment, we are vested in the community and environment. 

Our services will extend the life of your garments. Keeping your colors vibrant and bright while maintaining their original shape and feel. Making this possible, is our new wet cleaning and dry cleaning machines which ensures your garments are cared for per the manufactures guidelines. Should you ever be dissatisfied with the quality of our cleaning or pressing, we will gladly redo it. Below is a full list of our award winning services which can be provided with complimentary pickup & delivery.

FREE Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery

Wayzata Pennhurst Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Garment Experts provides an on demand complimentary pickup & delivery service. You can now sign up for a one time pickup from your home or office with ease. Prefer a set it and forget it service? We can visit your home or office once or twice a week on set days. There is no need to be home for pick up or delivery which makes our laundry & dry cleaning delivery service as easy as it sounds. 


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